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AFor the fly fishing enthusiast, Venice, Louisiana, is the one place everybody should have on their wishlist of destinations to fish. Venice offers year-round fly fishing for redfish from 2 to 40 pounds. with many days of multiple shots at fish over 20 pounds. Summertime trips (June - September) the near costal rigs and bays, offer fantastic fishing for Red Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Triple Tail, Bonito, Jack Fish, Cobia, and Tarpon. This is really the time for someone who wants to get their tackle tested. I recommend an 8- or 9-weight rod for redfish and trout and a 10-weight rod for everything else. We use a variety of clousers, spoon flies, crab patterns, and poppers. We also do winter an early spring trips in Port Sulfur, Empire, and Buras.



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Capt. Bobby Warren's long time play ground has become what he likes to call his office now. He truly loves his work, loves it so much that on his days off he can be found doing the exact same thing he does when he"s working...hunting and fishing.

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